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Bookkeeping Services

At Restaurant Accounting Solutions, we focus on five particular deliverables that are key to every restaurant’s financial success. These are areas that encompass both short-term and long-term monitoring and record-keeping, which allows you to have a fully-developed view of revenue and expenses. And while our deliverables are consistent throughout all of our offerings, we tailor each solution to the characteristics of your organization – ensuring that you get exactly what you need.

RAS1 Client Vault Login

With RAS1 you can access all of your files at any time.


We’ll give you a fully-developed review of each restaurant’s sales to make sure that you’re able to keep a handle on revenue.

Accounts Payable

Our professionals will work to ensure that you’re all caught up with payments to vendors.

Checkbook Reporting (Banking)

Keeping tracks of checks has never been easier! With our outsourced checkbook reporting, we’ll ensure that accurate records are kept.


Payroll is something that requires extensive attention to detail and organization. Our staff will take care of these things, allowing you to devote your energy to the operation of your restaurant.

Financial Reporting

We provide comprehensive reports that give a holistic view of each segment of your restaurant’s financials for the week.

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