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"On my list of smart things I've done in my entire career, working with Restaurant Accounting Solutions is number one. RAS1 is much more than an accounting or payroll service. They know the industry and understand what I need. Plus they're very adaptable to what I want as opposed to other restaurants, offering customized reports and insight. When we've applied for bank loans or lines of credit, paperwork is always prepared and presented perfectly, in line with what the bank wants to see. All the worries that go with that end of the business are gone. I highly recommend Restaurant Accounting Solutions to others, and do so at every opportunity I get."

-Richard Diamond, Owner
A.K. Diamonds Steak, Seafood & Spirits

"I have a short season lasting just three months. So each week is crucial. A bookkeeper can tell you where you stand when it's already too late. But RAS1 gives me insight and tools, so I can jump in and correct things mid-stream. They've helped me turn otherwise disaster seasons into a complete success. I can't say enough about them. They're always accessible, easy to work with and there when you need them. I wouldn't work with anyone else - period."

-Scott Page, Owner/Partner
The Seafood Shanty


"I was the very first account on Nantucket to utilize RAS1. Through the years their support and wealth of financial information has contributed greatly to our growth and ability to own and operate now multiple restaurant businesses. Although RAS1 has many other accounts now, we are still serviced like we are the very first one."

-E.J. Harvey, Chef/Owner
The Sea Grille


"Working with RAS1 as opposed to a routine bookkeeper and accountant is like night and day. Accountants like to think in months, but running a restaurant is meticulous; we think in days. Working on a day-to-day basis, it's a nightmare to monitor everything and stay on top of it all - from payroll to taxes and overtime pay. Instead of working with three separate entities - an accountant, a payroll service and a lawyer - RAS1 offers it all in one package. RAS1 knows the restaurant industry from the numbers side and by having them as part of the team I am able to get out of the office and run my four restaurants by staying on top of the numbers at all times."

-Joe Jamiel, Owner


"In the restaurant business, you can get in trouble really fast. That's the beauty of receiving weekly and monthly reports. They let you know where you are and where you should be - fast. it's like a road map, making sure percentages are in line at all times. Plus, RAS1 is extremely prompt and efficient. If there's ever a problem, they're quick to solve it. They make the restaurateur's job a lot easier because you have a team standing behind you assisting with day-to-day situations. So you can use your time much more efficiently."

-Gerry Manning, Owner
Captain Parkers Pub

Restaurant Accounting Solutions

"Having RAS1 for many years has kept our focus on running our great fine dining restaurants and leaving the high volume of paperwork processing totally up to them. The personal attention combined with their ability to work so well and so closely with our CPA firm provides us with such a comfort level for this end of our business."

-Seth and Angela Raynor, Owners
Boarding House/The Pearl

"RAS1 brought me out of the stone ages of running my business. Before RAS1 I was writing my checks by hand never knowing where the money was and flying along with no radar screen. At year-end I would send my one write sheets to my accountant and receive my tax return. With RAS1 I always know my financial position and can readily see where all my expenses are compared to budgets that now get prepared. Thanks to RAS1 my business has grown to be much more profitable and extremely more valuable with the numbers readily available to support."

-Via Lago Catering

"The attention that we get from our CSR at RAS1 each day is remarkable... Day to day bookkeeping issues are available at a glance every week during our busy operating season. Outsourcing with RAS1 is definitely the way to go."

-Billy Moore, Owner/Partner
Spankys Clam Shack & Seaside Saloon